“Love Big, Dream Big and Believe”
-Melinda Doolittle

The mission of this association called Melinda's Backups™, encompassing members worldwide, shall be to support Melinda Doolittle in her musical pursuits, career objectives, charitable endeavors and humanitarian efforts. Our formation serves not only as a supportive association for Melinda but also as a global influence in our aspiration to bring positive change to our various communities.


Melinda’s Backups™ shall operate as an nonprofit association whose objective is the support of the singer Melinda Doolittle in her career and all the charitable activities that she will initiate or promote.

  1. To establish a democratic community that can work on behalf of Melinda Doolittle to achieve the mission of Melinda's Backups™.
  2. To support and promote Melinda Doolittle in her music career and charity work.
  3. To represent the association and Melinda Doolittle with dignity in our activities and involvements.
  4. To honor and respect Melinda Doolittle's Christian beliefs.
  5. To support, inspire and encourage each other to become better human beings and to dream big as she has.
  6. To motivate and inspire members to become committed and involved volunteers.
  7. To protect the association and Melinda Doolittle's reputation through appropriate governance and processes.
  8. To provide an entertaining and harmonious online forum where its members can dwell, converse and share information.
  9. To administer and employ Melinda's Backups™ property, assets, and rights for the purpose of promoting or aiding in the furtherance of Melinda's Backups™ objectives.

Melinda’s Backups™ YouTube Channel