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Broadway World review of Grease


Nashville favorite and Belmont University alum Melinda Doolittle very nearly steals the show from the production's two leads and the amazing ensemble assembled by Logan to bring the 1950s square into the 21st century. Playing the "Teen Angel" who exhorts Frenchy (played with grace and grit by the always adorable Cori Laemmel) to go back to high school when she drops out of beauty school, Doolittle sets the stage aflame with her performance of "Beauty School Dropout" that stops the show. Doolittle makes the role her own with her personal blend of showbiz pizzazz, immense talent and thorough commitment,

Full article here: https://www.broadwayworld.com/nashville/article/BWW-Review-Young-DeGarmo-and-Doolittle-Star-in-Studio-Tenns-Stylish-Revival-of-GREASE-20180601

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