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Welcome! Please read...
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Welcome Melinda's Backups!! 

All of us are thrilled that you are joining us in this new and exciting association to support Melinda's music career and humanitarian efforts beyond the AI tour and show.  Our goal is to provide you with an objective, democratic and harmonious environment.

As you become familiar with this forum, you will see references to the Interim Leadership Team.   The ILT was the startup committee whose members worked hard on your behalf to prepare the structure and legalities of Melinda's Backups Supportive Association.  We will always be so grateful to the Interim Leadership Team's many accomplishments in creating this amazing community. Please join me in thanking the members of the ILT who were:

Donna (OldSchool80s); Cathy (Tiernan); Chris (chris-play); Rene (Rene); Mary Ann (melrocks);
Meredith (cheekym); Alan (Alan); Vicky (Vickster); Teresa (shining); Irma (igabyy)

As planned, we held nominations in mid October, 2007.  Elections were scheduled for mid November to elect the first official Leadership Team.  Since we had the exact number of nominations as we did vacancies, all of the nominees were placed on the Leadership Team commencing January 1, 2008.

We look forward to working and playing together. We want to hear your ideas. We want you to feel a part of this Community.

We are here because we're all inspired by Melinda's career, life, and causes, but we also embrace diversity of all kinds.

We want to make this a positive experience for everyone.  In that effort, please feel free to let us know what we can do better, how we can better represent you,  and how we can all better represent Melinda. 

Enjoy your Community!

Melinda's Backups™
Leadership Team

Donna (OldSchool80s); Cathy (Tiernan); Chris (chris-play);  Alan (Alan); Vicky (Vickster); Teresa (shining); Maria (ghopper) Desiree (Desiree)
Nicole (Angel4Peace) Sara (Sara99) Cathy (Elcondado)

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