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Apologies for recent outage


I am afraid I had a bit of disaster on the server this web site runs on.  Halfway through yesterday afternoon, I did something the prevented the overall system from booting.  The only way I could recover was to get the hosting company to clean the disk so I could start again.

Fortunately I have been meticulous with a backup regime, so I was able to go back and retrieve the database from the back-up taken early yesterday morning, along with all the attachments and also retrieve all the software that it takes to run this site from backups taken every few weeks.

I am almost finished restoring everything.  As you see at the top of the page there are still some problems with airhockey and chat, and I am pretty sure the football is not working yet also.  It may take me until sometime tomorrow to get those back to working too.

One think I will NOT be restoring is the 17 GB of media files that we have on melinda.  I do have them at home , but it would take for ever to upload them to the machine that runs this site, and I am pretty sure very little use is made of them at the moment. It also means that I was paying extra to store them at the site, something as I close the business I no longer want to do.

If anyone really does want them , contact me privately and I will find a way to put them on an SD card and send them through the post.

Sorry again for the disruption, and bear with me whilst I sort out the other little niggling issues along the way

Backups save the day!  hehe, computer backups this time.

Thanks for everything that you do to keep up this site, Alan. :bighug


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