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British X-Factor, Backing Singer decides to step into the limelight

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Just managed to watch a recording of Sunday nights X-Factor auditions.

A 45 year old Backing Singer, rather shy and humble, comes on stage and says that he feels its time for him to step into the limelight.

And then blew the roof off the venue.

It so reminded me of that similar moment back in 2007.

I am keeping my eye on Anton Stephans


Rickey Minor made the same comparison to Melinda.  He will definitely be one to watch.  I don't watch X-factor so keep us posted Alan!

There's something compelling about a talent who musters up enough courage to step up and still not realize how good he is.  You just want to go along on the journey.   :thumbsup

 :clap He's awesome! :rocker

Sounds like some of us watch this from the states. Is that true? When is it on and what channel? I agree Alan, sounds so similar to the great (albeit humble) one.


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