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Adjusting your view of time


Unfortunately I have detected one small requirement for change you will have to make to see the forum posts timings correctly

Go to the "Profile" section in the main menu above and once there select the "Look and Layout" item from the modify profile menu on the left hand side (this is if you have a left hand menu - if not, and the "profile" section is a sub menu below the main one - which then drops down to give you the "Look and Layout" entry, choose that).

THere is a field called Time offset with an "Autodetect" link next to it.  Click the autodetect to get the new time offset from the server.  Then save your profile.

I don't seem to have a "Look and Layout" item.   :dunno

Go to "Profile"
Choose "Account Settings"
"Modify Profile" will be highlighted in orange. Hover your mouse over that and you will see "Look and Layout".


--- Quote from: sueintucson on July 05, 2014, 01:15:31 am ---I don't seem to have a "Look and Layout" item.   :dunno

--- End quote ---

There are two ways that your profile page may be laid out.  When you chose "Profile" from the main menu you can either ...

Just below the menu, and the breadcrumb that defines where you are, there is a blue bar across the page with the word "Summary" in it.  On the far right hand side, just above the blue bar are two left pointing arrows (triangles actually).  clicking on those changes to the alternate layout in which ...

There is a menu bar down the left hand side of the page with "Profile Info" in its heading, and the summary heading has moved to the right a short way.  Profile Info has two right pointing arrows/triangles which you can clck to go back to the previous layout.

In the first arrangement there is a sub menu above "Summary" with "Modify Profile" in it.  Hover over that and an additional menu drops down from it with "Look and Layout" in it.

In the second arrangement, "Modify Profile" is one of the blue headings down the left hand side, with "Look and Layout" one of the items under that


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