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After a few hiccups today, I successfully took a backup of this site from last night and loaded on to the server.  There is a forum there running last nights database.

Assuming no more issues before tomorrow morning (my time), I intend to move this site over to the new hosting environment from about 3am EDT to 4am EDT tonight.  Part of this move will entail moving the domain name www.melindasbackups.com to the new host.  Because it takes time for a change like that to propagate round the internet, for some of you, especially those who have visited this site recently, will find that name still pointing to here.

To help you recognise that that is the case, the forum here will be placed into maintenance mode and left there.  I will try to put a redirect in place - but if that doesn't work, you will still be able to access the forum at ww2.melindasbackups.com/forum.  This name has been available for weeks, so there should be no problems with that.

Hopefully, in less that an hour after I put the forum into maintenance mode, I can have taken a database backup, moved it across and set up the new site to work smoothly with it.  You may find your address bar at the top of the browser saying that you are at ww2.melindasbackups.com even if you visited via www.melindasbackups.com.  That is because I am going to leave that as the forum url for a couple of days until I am sure everyone has migrated.  I will then switch the forum over to believing its at www.melindasbackups.com again.

If there are serious issues, I will have to revert the whole site again.  Just keep on trying and I will get things working as soon as I can


The process is about to start.

There is a slight change of plan - the new url for the forum will just be http://melindasbackups.com (ie without any www).  This seems to be the modern practice, which I will try and follow, and should in fact make the switch over easier

We are up and running


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