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Switching Name Servers


Some time in the next few hours, I am hoping that Melinda's Manager, Michael Heitzler, will switch the melindasbackups.com domain to point to my hosts nameservers as preparation from moving to new hosting facilities.

The switch over will take sometime to propagate around the internet, but hopefully we have everything setup so that both setups are identical.  You should not see any outage.

I will be on hand later this evening just to make sure all is well.  If we appear to disappear suddenly, then apologies - I have something wrong and I will be trying to fix it as soon as I can

Great job Alan. Everything seemed to go smooth as silk. :thumbsup :thumbsup :worldhug

It is happening - things seem to be slowly propagating around the internet

I took a long time and I am not sure why.  But it is working again now.


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