Author Topic: Soul Track review of "You're the Reason"  (Read 2358 times)


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Soul Track review of "You're the Reason"
« on: December 28, 2013, 07:55:44 pm »
Melinda Doolittle’s third place finish in a popular showcase like American Idol might not have guaranteed her success in another era. For instance, it’s hard to imagine how a vocalist with a classic mature soulful sound would not have been able to parlay that into a higher level of commercial success in 1987, when Doolittle would have been a contemporary with Anita Baker, Regina Belle, Miki Howard and Patti LaBelle.

Musical tastes had changed greatly by the time Doolittle made her Idol run in 2007.They have changed even more by 2013, as Doolittle releases her second album, You’re The Reason. Doolittle is probably a skillful enough vocalist to adjust to the modern production techniques. However, she doesn’t want to, and that’s fine. She’s comfortable singing the classic soul and jazz that comprised the output of her 2009 debut Coming Back to You or the adult oriented R&B heard on You’re the Reason.

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