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Doolittle Sings & Opas Swings....(in pictures)

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October 12, 2013...Backups arrive in Greensboro, Georgia.  Beautiful little small town, USA.

Festival Hall

Backups are early...and eager... to hear Melinda sing soon....

Jim Gray & the Session Players Big Band

Melinda Doolittle...

Melinda Doolittle...Part 2

Melinda engages with the audience...

The End To An Absolutely Amazing Concert...:-)

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.  Glad you all had a fabulous time! :)

Great pictures!

Love the pictures! The show was wonderful, and so much fun.

We also got to hear Melinda's new music. Cannot wait for that to come out! I have been wishing I could listen to it again ever since I heard it. And listening to it with Melinda, backups, her mommy and Michael (love them sooo much!) was the coolest experience. I was pinching myself. Couldn't believe I was there.   

Sunday we got to hang out with Melinda and her mommy at the World of Coke and go to lunch and for Melinda's favorite apple pie. They are both so sweet and beautiful...not that I have to tell you guys that! It was a really special weekend, and I hope to see more of you at the next event I can make it to, cause I miss you.  :bighug 

Thanks Valerie and Cathy for your words and pictures. We appreciate it!!!!  :huzzah


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