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Melinda reached over and grabbed my recorder during the concert and this is what she said:

Listen to Melinda!  It was an awesome concert!!!!  I've only uploaded songs from the last part of the show but if anyone wants to hear more, check out iTunes.  Chris Mitchell has an album on iTunes called Sing.  Janet, Kelley and Amy provide BGVs for several songs.

Melinda informed me that Chris Mitchell and the Collection has been a very popular band in Nashville since she was in college.  This is the band that Janet and Kelley met their husbands in (Keith plays bass and Derek plays drums).

People Get Ready
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Movin' On Up - Featuring Janet Kenyon

Ain't Nobody

Money Can't Buy It - Featuring Janet Kenyon

Tell Me Something Good

Sweet Thing - Featuring Kelley Norris

Lady Marmalade

Love On Top - Featuring Amy Owsley

Proud Mary - 1998 version
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