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On The Rise Magazine interview
« on: December 15, 2011, 07:04:43 pm »
Daood: Congratulations on your first Christmas single “God Bless Us Everyone.”


Melinda Doolittle: Thank you so much. I’m really, really excited about this song. This is my first time releasing an original song. I’m thankful that Regie Hamm took the time out to write the song with me; happy that people get to hear it now.


Daood: So the song is co-written with Regie Hamm?


Melinda Doolittle: Yes. Regie Hamm is a terrific writer. He has written so many amazing songs. We did a panel together last year and decided that we should try writing together; and we’ve ended up making a great team. We’ve written a few songs together now, but the Christmas song is definitely my favorite.


Daood: Musically it’s a beautiful composition and exactly who are the major players in creating the instrumentation?


Melinda Doolittle: The major player would be Tre Corley and Tre to me is a genius. He is based here in Hendersonville, Tennessee at Oak Tree Studio’s. I remember sitting with him and telling him my favorite Christmas album is Josh Groban (self-titled Christmas album) and all of the strings but I love the Nat King Cole plush feel of music also. So Tre was able to put the music together and make it great for me.


Daood: Cause when I was listening to the song this morning it sounds like an orchestra.


Melinda Doolittle: Yes sir, I have to have an orchestra. I love string instruments they are my favorite. He was very created as to how he did it that. We ended up creating the music very quickly and he knew that strings were important to me.


Daood: There is a piano piece at the beginning. Who is the keyboardist?


Melinda Doolittle: Tre is playing the piano and also the drums. He’s extremely talented.


 Daood: Wow! He’s like Stevie Wonder or Prince.


 Melinda Dolittle: He’s absolutely amazing.


 Daood: Speaking of amazing, the photograph for the single is an eye-catcher; were you involved in its innovation?


Melinda Dolittle: Thank you! I actually have a friend Mary Alice Duncan. We take Zumba class together and I had seen some of her beautiful pictures; and I walked up to her one day during Zumba class and said, I would love for you to take the pictures for my Christmas single; and she was so excited to do it. The photo on the cover is the front door of my house; and then set up the Christmas tree behind me. She is so creative with the way she position’s things. I could not have been happier with the cover photograph.


Daood: Is that like a double breasted jacket?


Melinda Doolittle: Yes. That’s a coat that I’ve had for a couple of years now. It’s one of my favorites. It’s Christmas to me; I love white coats at Christmas time.


Daood: The earrings are Turquoise?


Melinda Doolittle: Yes.


Daood: So in the background are the lights from the Christmas tree?


Melinda Doolittle: Yes sir, that’s my Christmas tree?


 Daood: How did you come up with the title “God Bless Us Everyone?”


Melinda Doolittle: I’m a huge fan of any Scrooge movie during the Christmas season and Tiny Tim always says, “God Bless Us Everyone.” And, it’s one of those phrases that just stuck with me. When Regie and I were talking that one phrase brought together everything about Christmas that we could think about. It’s kind of the linchpin for the song.


Daood: Are there any other phrases in the song that resonate with great meaning to you?


Melinda Doolittle: Maybe towards the end where we’re saying, we want you to make forever memoirs and last through every storm; because things come at you all the time, and being able to smile through it and to get through it, is really important to me.


Daood: Is there plans to create an entire Christmas Album?


Melinda Doolittle: Definitely, definitely! I would like to have an entire album out by next Christmas.


 Daood: Favorite Christmas albums?


Melinda Doolittle: Josh Groban, Natalie Grant Christmas album, “Believe,” and Michael Buble new Christmas album I love. I done two Christmas tours with Michael W. Smith and he writes some of the most amazing Christmas music every; a lot of orchestra music and when the songs start, you just feel like its Christmas. I love all of his Christmas music but there is a song that I sung on the tour with him called, “All Is Well.” It’s just a beautiful, beautiful song which is an original song written by Michael W. Smith.


 Daood: Any favorite Christmas singles?


Melinda Doolittle: Mmmm. Mariah Carey, “All I want for Christmas is you.” I think that’s one of the cutest songs ever. I love when Tony Bennett sings, “Winter Wonderland,” Nat King Cole doing the “Christmas song,” Bing Crosby singing, “White Christmas,” Barbara Streisand singing, “Jingle Bells.” I love Christmas and I could keep going.


 Daood: Describe the season of Christmas?


Melinda Doolittle: The season of Christmas is my favorite because everyone is in such a giving mode. No matter how long the line you’re standing in to buy something, everybody’s got this purpose of just giving. It’s a feeling that I wish we could take year round.


 Melinda Doolittle


“Dream Big, Pray Hard & Be Prepared!”


 God Bless Us Everyone Official Video

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