Author Topic: Christmas songs celebrate joys of holiday season  (Read 2154 times)


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Christmas songs celebrate joys of holiday season
« on: November 30, 2011, 07:15:36 pm »
Christmas is right around the corner and many are playing songs that celebrate Christ’s birth and the festive holiday season. Some music lovers may have Kirk Franklin’s Christmas or Mary Mary Christmas by Mary Mary in heavy rotation while others anxiously await the release of rising star LeAndria Johnson’s Christmas Best album.

Here are a few albums that are perfect for the season. The list contains a mix of old and new and includes albums by two DC area artists.

<See link below for list of albums>

There are a few singles worth checking out. DC area artists Phillip Carter and Brandon Camphor and One Way lead the list.
Christmas is a Special Time of Year ~Phillip Carter. The Stellar Award winner delivers again with a song that reflects on the true meaning of Christmas, (“Jesus the sacrificial lamb…”). Ana Gibson is the featured vocalist.
For the Holidays ~Brandon Camphor and One Way. The cheerful song that celebrates the joys of Christmas is available for free download on Dec. 6.
God Bless Us Everyone ~ Melinda Doolittle. This classic holiday tune is available on iTunes and Amazon from the former American Idol contestant.
Christ is Born ~Maurice Griffin. This new song from Griffin, a former "Sunday Best" finalist was released this month and is getting positive reviews.

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Re: Christmas songs celebrate joys of holiday season
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 Thanks Des