Author Topic: Try the season's 'it' color, from cobalt to island blue (another old article)  (Read 1832 times)


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This summer's blues are nothing to cry about.

The blue hue has become the color of the moment and has taken center stage in everyday and evening wear. MSNBC anchors Contessa Brewer and Chris Jansing recently appeared on the network wearing the vibrant color, and former American Idol contestant Melinda Doolittle wore a rich blue cocktail dress at Usher's charity event in Atlanta.

Blue, which ranges from an intense cobalt to a tranquil island tone, is the perfect hue to slip into for the American Idol auditions, which take place Friday at Reliant Center. Jenny Harris, director of marketing at the Galleria, says American Idol hopefuls should try to stand out by wearing a bold color such as cobalt.

Blue also is calming, she said, and can help keep nerves at bay. Try pairing it with a pair of white jeans for a refreshing look.

Harris offered a few other tips if you're considering the American Idol auditions:

Stand out with colorful accessories. Blue-suede shoes worked for Elvis, right?

Consider wearing a pair of bright-colored earrings or a statement necklace to draw attention to your face.

Wear lightweight clothing since you could be standing outside in the heat or walking long distances.

Try wearing upbeat patterns that are memorable but not overpowering.

Dress reasonably normal. Don't wear a costume, shiny jumpsuit or something that you think is funny. If you dress in something too off the wall, the judges won't take you seriously.

The Houston Chronicle
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