Author Topic: Media Store Protection and how to provide references to selected other sites.  (Read 2631 times)


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As of last week, I have added security controls to access of material stored in our Media Store.  This means that you can only access the media via

a) Directly entering the URL of the media into your browser
b) Linking to it via a web page on (including this forum)

References from OTHER web sites will no longer work.

However, there maybe some occasions when we DO want to share files that are uploaded here with other web sites. For those cases I have implemented a mechanism that allows authorized sites (and only those authorized sites) access to a web pages on this site that can then include the links to our media.  I have already set one such web page up - see

If you have need to share media files that are uploaded here with a specific web site please contact me, and I will add that web site to the list of affiliates