Author Topic: Melinda Doolittle talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. [Video]  (Read 1686 times)


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Melinda Doolittle talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. [Video]
« on: January 17, 2011, 10:55:22 pm »

Even American Idol stars get a little nervous when they're about to honor a personal hero.

“Dr. King has been an idol of mine and as someone that I’ve looked up to not just for what he accomplished but how he accomplished things,” said Melinda Doolittle, American Idol season 6 finalist.

Doolittle joined the Nashville Symphony as it honored Dr. King with the "Let Freedom Sing" concert.

“I love that we have events like this,” Doolittle said.  “I love that Nashville is on board with it and that all facets of Nashville are coming together to really honor Dr. King.

Doolittle honored Dr. King the best way she knows how...with a pitch-perfect voice.

“I  love singing with a symphony,” Doolittle said.  “I kind of feel like I’m flying. It’s just the most amazing thing and then there's a choir that's singing behind you. It’s just a wonderful to do.”

“To have a local talent, someone here from Nashville that’s made it on the national scene to come back and be a part of this is very gratifying," said Laurie Davis, publicist for the Nashville Symphony.

Davis said Sunday’s performance is great for an organization that's been through a lot this year.

“Everyone is just thrilled to be back and it feels right and we're home," Davis said.

 The “Let Freedom Sing” concert has been honoring Dr. King here in Music City for close to two decades.

Doolittle said it’s a tradition that embodies Nashville’s love of music and reminds us all about the legacy of Dr. King.

“I think that events like tonight and the parade tomorrow and everything are so important just to bring back into peoples minds, to bring to the forefront what Dr. King did for us and the reason that we can live with the kind of freedom that we have today," Doolittle said.
Idol Finalist Honors Dr. King – Eric Alvarez

WZTV FOX 17  Sunday, January 16 2011, 09:43 PM CST
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