Author Topic: Celebrities are Talking - 5/17/10 [Audio]  (Read 1504 times)


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Celebrities are Talking - 5/17/10 [Audio]
« on: June 04, 2010, 04:21:28 am »

I didn't know she sang on a song for Aretha Franklin.  I wonder what song that was. 

She talks about MelindasBackups starting at 21:45.  Kelley put up some pictures from this year's marathon on that the interviewer has seen.
(Note: there are A TON of new pictures including some from the United States Air Force Performance, the AI Finale, Melinda holding flowers in her hotel suite at Feinsteins - True Colors, etc.)

And for once, I have seen a movie that Melinda hasn't seen!   Rolling On Floor Laughing
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