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You're Invited!
« on: November 19, 2007, 01:30:14 am »

Our two first Committees are officially formed! The Malaria No More Committee and the Music Scholarship Committee. Now we are calling for volunteers and seeking everyone's involvement! You are all invited to join these Committees and their activities. One of the main goals at Melinda's Backups, in addition to supporting Melinda's music career, is to support charitable efforts. Our chance to make a difference in this world.

Please visit the new Boards on the Main Page of our Community. We encourage you to peruse through all the information available to you. We also welcome your ideas for new ways to support the causes. We look forward to your participation.

Let's seize the opportunities!


Christina K

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Re: You're Invited!
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Can't wait! Just let me know how I can help! Smiley
Love you heaps! Smiley


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Re: You're Invited!
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I am definitely up for joining as well. I am currently fighting a stomach flu and am out of commission for a few days but once my head is back on straight i'm willing to do stuff.


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Re: You're Invited!
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Great Christina and Babz, please visit the individual Boards and get involved!  Thanks

Babz, I'm sorry you're sick, I hope you feel better soon!