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Hello Melinda!!  :bye    What you been up to?  :dunno    Is Kelley keeping you in line?  ;D    Are you ready for Christmas?   :thumbsup    

Don't be shy.  :blush    Drop bye to tell us hello  :bye

 :) I missed these threads.

Hi Jena!!  Do you think if we call loud enough, Melinda will drop by to say hello?  :dunno


Rhonda, maybe you should try wishing her Merry Christmas!

 :light :superexcited I got it!!!  If we talk about her favorite things, maybe she'll say something.

Ok . . . so . . . .
I'm probably going to bake my Dad an apple pie for Christmas. What is anybody else baking for the holiday?
Another thing we'll have at dinner is sweet tea.

What do you hope to get for Christmas?  I bet a great gift would be a hot stone massage.
OR :superexcited a collection of onesies, in every color! WOW that would be great!
Also, i play this game called Foopets, and it has white poodles that are precious.  Some of them may even be named Cuddles.  I don't know if they have black poodles but if they did, somebody would probably name one Pepper.

Hey, does anybody else miss Kelley?
Isn't Jordin a great singer?  She's twenty today. :)
And OMG, what a game from The Titans yesterday!


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