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How Do You Feel about the New Board Structure?

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I've heard quite a few people say they are confused as to where to post topics anymore.  So I was wondering if you all would be willing to give specific feedback, that way we can make the confusion go away.

1. Are you happy with the Melinda-related discussions board?  If not, can you give examples of topics you're having trouble knowing where to post?
2. same question for General Backups Discussion and Events (Do you like all the child boards?  Do they make it easier or more difficult for you to find topics of interest?  If you have trouble knowing where to post in this board, please give examples.)
3. How do you feel about the Special Interests board?  Are there too many child boards?
4. Any other concerns or feedback about anything related to the new board structure?

Since you asked . . . I liked the board the way it was.  Seems kind of "busy" now.  But maybe that's just me.   :dunno

Thanks for your feedback, Rhonda.
The reason we reorganized the board at all is that we had so many boards with thirty and forty pages of topics, and it seemed that a lot of good topics were buried.  We were hoping the new structure would help people to find interesting topics they might have missed, or to find specifically the topics they were interested in.

I don't know that we could return it to the way it was, because we had to change Off Topics to Current Events.  But is there anything we could do that would help you to like the new structure better?

No changes that I can think of Jena, but thanks.  And I wasn't suggesting that the board be changed back.   :thumbsup

We're open to any suggestions to make it easier for everybody to find what they want.  If there's any way we can implement them, we would.


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