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Saturday, August 15, 2009
From Couch Potato to Half Marathon Finisher, In Less Than a Year

It's my belief that every person in this world can make a difference. That's EVERYONE, not just celebrities, or the physically fit among us, or the wealthy, or the brilliant. We all have something to contribute from our own unique blend of talents, interests, and personal qualities, that will make this world a better place. If you can do just one thing well, there is someone who needs you. The secret is simply to find the place where you can do the greatest good for the most people.

In my life as a person who is totally blind, my greatest challenge has never been getting the help I need, but rather, finding a way to give the help that is needed all around me. I could see things that needed doing, and yet I couldn't do them. Then there came a day when I decided I did not want to hear another word from myself about what i could not do. I chose to find the things I could do and seek out ways to help from there. It was simply a matter of focusing on the countless blessings in my life, rather than the one or two obstacles. My journey to a half marathon began by saying, "I can't fix all the worlds' problems, but I can make a difference for one person, or maybe several." It was amazing to discover that all it takes to change the world is giving what you have to give, with a joyous spirit and an open heart.

You may remember Melinda Doolittle, from American Idol season 6. You know . . . she placed third but should have won. I belong to a group called Melinda's Backups. We are her most dedicated fans, but we're more than a fan club. We seek to help the charities that are closest to Melinda's heart.

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