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  a Video's there !!!!!!!   Music Helps Nashville Girl Overcome Disorder-Nick Paranjape

An 11 year old girl has a big voice and a big personality to go with it.

Katie Chance of Brentwood is a talented singer who's teamed up with some heavy hitters from the world of country music.

Her own world was turned upside down years ago when she was diagnosed with a disorder.

But through the years of therapy and support from her family, Katie now has a real chance to live out her dreams.

In 2001, Katie Chance was barely three years old, working with a therapist from Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

Katie never spoke, never made eye contact, and had lots of temper tantrums.

Teresa Chance says, "I could tell from the look on the therapists face that there was something that was really bothering her that was not right."

Something was not right.

Katie's mother, Teresa, was told her daughter had Autism.

And while she didn't communicate, the one thing she did do was sing.

Teresa says, "She was very enthralled with Barney and musical kind of television shows and she would watch them for hours and hours. She picked up tunes and walked all around the house and she knew every word to every song and could sing it."

Katie went through years of therapy at the Kennedy Center.

Today, she is a beautiful, outgoing and happy 11 year old girl, who can sing her heart out.

It's Katie's video of her song "In My Room" from her CD "Friends."

She wrote three of the eight songs on the CD.

On it, she sings with some of her own friends, who just happen to be big-time country music stars.

Katie says, "Like Charlie Daniels and Mr. Dwayne Allen of the Oak Oidge Boys and of course Sawyer Brown. GO SAWYER BROWN, GO SAWYER BROWN...I hope he's watching this!"

Katie is taking voice lessons from Janet Kenyon, who normally doesn't work with kids.

But Janet, who's taught Taylor Swift, Josh Turner, and Melinda Doolittle, says she was so impressed with Katie's voice and her story of autism, she knew right away she wanted to take her on.

Janet says "She has perfect pitch and technically she came in saying I want to learn how to do this right I want to learn how to breath. Usually people come in like teach how to sing a song, i want to be a star."

Katie has come a long way, but there are still daily reminders she has autism.

Katie says "I think when I really can't control myself when I get really frustrated and stuff."

"It's kinda hard for me to see exactly where all the music is going to lead, right now she's having fun, it's very theraputical for her she has a great time, she loves singing, she loves being on stage."

Katie says, "I hope it inspires people, it inspires me."

Katie performed at the CMA Music Festival earlier this year, wowing the crowds.

She'll sing at the Walk Now For Autism event in October at the Nashville Super Speedway.

Katie is donating a portion of her income from her CD to the Autism Speaks organization and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.Music Helps Nashville Girl Overcome Disorder-Nick Paranjape
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