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November - Melinda sings at the White House
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The East Room

November 13, 2007

9:40 P.M. EST

MRS. BUSH: Thank you all. Thank you very much, Alma. Thanks to you and Secretary Powell for your service to our nation's young people. Most of all, thank you for the outstanding work that you both do through America's Promise.

Over the last 10 years -- and I'm proud to say, I was there too in Philadelphia 10 years ago -- America's Promise alliance partners have reached millions of children with a message of hope. The alliance has brought together non-profit groups, community leaders, charitable foundations, faith-based organizations and individual citizens. Together, these partners provide for children -- everything from education to health care to the support of caring adults.

The mission of America's Promise -- helping young people build the knowledge and the self-confidence they need to lead successful lives -- is carried out each day by citizens across our country. Parents and teachers make sure that kids who are likely to become high school dropouts instead become college graduates. Boys and Girls Clubs offer children positive, healthy interests -- like sports, technology, culture and art.

In Alabama, I met a man who lost his father when he was a boy, and then established a mentoring program that gives other boys the steady male presence in their lives. In Los Angeles, I met a priest who was tired of burying kids lost to gang violence. And he started a program to get kids out of gangs and into good jobs.

These programs probably sound familiar -- after all, they're your programs.

I'm so honored that you're here tonight at the White House. I'm especially honored by the presence of the other recipients of the Promise America Founders Awards. Congratulations to each one of you, and thank you for your dedication to our children.

Now I'm happy to introduce the talented performers who share this commitment to young people. The World Children's Choir gives young people the support and the instruction they need to make the most of their musical talents. And this also gives me the opportunity to thank Melinda Doolittle for joining me and Ray Chambers in Africa last summer. You're a wonderful ambassador for our country.

Thank you all. And now welcome to the choir. (Applause.)

END 9:43 P.M. EST
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