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Posted by Toya on February 14, 2009
You wouldn’t be far off in thinking that an American Idol Reunion Bash had taken place and in a way it sort of had. On Thursday, all seven winners and two dozen finalists flocked up Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They all gathered together for the grand opening and VIP party for The American Idol Experience attraction. This took place at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida:

Clockwise: Jordin Sparks was looking gorgeous from head to toe. That’s one classy mami! Fantasia Barrino’s outfit has potential but everything about her screams hoodrat. I hate the shoes and on top of that, the leg tats are tacky as hell. She should refrain from wearing short skirts at all costs. Ruben Studdard forever remains looking as cuddly as the veteran Disney characters, but I would be too skurred to lie next to his giant ass just in case he bulldozes me in the middle of the night. Justin Guarini is looking like a second rate Corbin Bleu. He still cute though! More American idolists after the cut.

All the American Idol winners in one snap shot:

American Idol finalists Kimberley Locke and Melinda Doolittle arrived as well.


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Great pic of Melinda..... Thanks weezy!!!!!!!!!!! banana dance banana dance banana dance

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Here my Weezy!!!

My Patrick, my Des, my Cathy and my Maria, thanks for everything you have done for me! I love you to life!!! Thanks all Backups.
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