Author Topic: Getting the album to the UK; Melinda on Later....with Jools Holland on the BBC  (Read 1022 times)


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Okay, it maybe be a bit early to starting thinking about promoting the album outside of America, but if Melinda wants to get a head start in the UK at some point, her label need to contact Jools Holland, ask him when his next series is on, and if he'd consider Melinda for a performing spot on the programme.

For those who don't know, Jools is a British muscian/pianist who hosts a weekly live music show called "Later....with Jools Holland". It's a show dedicated to credible music, that stretches across a variety of genres (you can have hip-hop, rock, soul and classical acts perfoming on the same show). The format is such that they tend to have between 4 or 5 different acts in a studio at any one time, and they each take turns to perform a selection of their songs from their album. Most acts perform between 2-3 songs on the night.

Performing on the show often helps break new acts in the UK, and the show is valued by people who like to find new muscians that aren't strictly in the mainstream. Jools Holland himself absolutely LOVES retro/vintage soul and singers like Melinda (Jools regularly performs in his band with Ruby Turner, an extremely powerful soul singer). I think if Holland heard a copy of Melinda's album, he'd want to book her. Melinda is the type of act this show caters to.


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