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Please use this thread to say hi and tell us a little bit about yourself!

Thanks!  Obrigado!

Hi, my name is Donna, but lots of you may already know me as OldSchool80s, or simply OS. I am a 40 year old director of production for a major cable network, and I live in NJ.   I also happen to think that Melinda is the DA BOMB to the hundreth powers.

I never cared about AI in any significant way, never voted before this past season, but when I discovered Melinda something happened.  I became a power voting, carpal tunnel plagued fool from hell, or maybe heaven, since we are discussing Melinda.

I am amazed by all the incredible people I have met through my interest in Melinda. I never imagined I would make so many new friends.

 :seeya on the boards.

I am Alan, and my avatar is me at my oldest daughters graduation 3 years ago. I am 56, married with two daughters in their 20's all of whom think I am crazy for being such a Melinda fan.

I caught her audition and vowed I would have to watch AI to see how she did.  By I'm a WOMAN I was hooked and the rest is history.

I have been in IT for 35 years - although it is a hobby to do the technical work - so setting up this site has been fun.  During the day  I am a business expert in Electricity competition and am responsible for our global strategy so that we can sell lots of IT systems to manage that competition.

:oops Oh and I forgot to mention - I am a Brit - live just outside London - so I can't understand your spelling and you won't be able to understand mine.

Edit: Forget the description of my avatar - its now me with Melinda at the after party in Franklin 9th November 2007.

Hi, I'm Bernie (AI board handle eppbp352). I'm about Alan's age, live in Boston, MA, USA, where I engineer software for a living. When not doing that, I play "classical" organ, compose, play rock guitar, and spend time here and related places.

I've been watching AI on and off for some years, and have had my favorites, but when Melinda Doolittle sang My Funny Valentine this spring, my jaw dropped, and I became increasingly fascinated by, infatuated with, and in awe of this remarkable young woman, her incomparable talent, and fully-mature art, and, as we got to know her, her exemplary spirit, generosity and grace.  As the season progressed, I along with my friends observed that I was no longer watching AI, but watching Melinda, as I am now.  Along this road, I have found myself creating sonnets, Art Nouveau "arty-facts", and even software.

The amazing people I have met on this journey from Memphis, here and in other fora, have convinced me that my devotion to Melinda is neither transient nor rare: I am in the company of a cornucopia of souls of all ages, backgrounds, and nations equally taken with Melinda.

I look forward to the Backups' continuing supporting presence on Melinda's own journey.

Hello everyone!! my name is Irma and live in Florida.

I am a business-owner and RE investor. Of all the things I've done I'd say Marketing/PR is my forte. I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to work with the most incredible and brilliant group of people in the start-up team to make this website and Community a reality. Melinda always says "Dream Big"... so we are!!!  ;D

I was captivated with Melinda after she sang "My Funny Valentine".... and the rest is history. I have made so many wonderful friends here and I look forward to many, many more... and together do great things for Melinda and the world at large!



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