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Re: Saving the World
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This thread confirms what I've been suspecting all along.. we walk (and talk or post) among angels!  I love the backups! World Hug
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Re: Saving the World
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Omg, Jenn, that was beautifully said. Halo


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Re: Saving the World
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I have to share this story because it's so awesome and one of those that I'll remember forever. 

When I was in my twenties (think 80's), I was a volunteer for UNICEF.  I went on several missions with them -- some in the most horrendous places on earth.  Most of the missions of UNICEF took us to very poor places where we had very bare accommodations and did very grueling work.  Typically we would get back to our quarters after a day's work so tired, dirty, muddy, sweaty, etc. -- really feeling very yucky.  One of the missions I went on was one in Somalia during the famine there.  We distributed food and medicine to some very sick and undernourished children  --  most of them dying.  I roomed with another doctor and 2 nurses (all women).  Anyway to keep our minds off the very depressing work we did, we tacked on a picture of Audrey Hepburn on our dresser mirror.  Most of you guys are probably too young to remember her.  But to us she was the epitome of class, elegance, beauty, sophistication, etc.  So we had this picture of her from Breakfast at Tiffany's in her little black gown, pearls, bee-hive hairdo, gloved hands, holding a cigarette pipe.  Every time we came back to our quarters all dirty, muddy, and sweaty, there was Audrey's picture, reminding us there were better things in the world than what we just dealt with minutes before.  And it also reminded us of our feminine side no matter how sweaty, dirty and smelly we were that day.  At the time, Audrey was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. 

Well, one day, unbeknown to us, Audrey was visiting our little camp and dropped by our quarters.  I remember her walking into our room and seeing her picture on our dresser.  She was totally floored -- I think she thought that having passed her prime in movies, people did not remember her that way anymore.  We kinda explained that she always inspired us in ways we could not even enumerate.  Well, from then on, she made a point to have evening meals with us.  Then we were the ones totally floored.  This lady was something else -- well beyond being supportive and good.  I think she was the first celebrity I ever met who never let fame get to her and always acted human and kind among us mortals.

I went to 2 other missions with her -- another one to Somalia and a third one to Vietnam before she died in 1992.  But to this day, she is one of my greatest inspirations.  I just love her!

What an amazing story Maria! Thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for lending your time to such an important cause.