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Guidelines for posts, emoticons, photos/videos & Signatures

We have updated "Guidelines for Posts".  We’ve separated the guidelines into four sections for ease of communication, but we have a couple of fundamental points that we’d like everyone to remember.
1.  Our honorary member, Melinda Doolittle, visits our site from time to time.   We should all keep in mind when making posts that Melinda may read what you have posted and since this is a "fan" type site we will be drawing a more conservative line when it comes to polite negative opinions or constructive criticism.  Troll behavior, poster bashing or rude/offensive remarks will not be tolerated.

2.  The Code of Ethics that each member agrees to upon joining governs the posts on the board.  If you are in violation of the Code, your post will be deleted.  You will be notified of the violation and asked not to repeat it.  Repeat violations of the code may lead to further disciplinary action. To review the Code of Ethics please go to:  
3. Please be aware that does not censor topics and recognizes that individual differences such as national identity, cultural inheritance, age, gender, religious, political and sexual preferences are elements that enrich and illuminate our community.  The opinions expressed in our forum are assumed to be the opinion of the poster and not necessarily those of Melinda Doolittle, her management team nor Melinda's Backups, LLC. At our sole discretion, may delete threads or posts that contain potentially inflammatory content.

Guidelines for Posts

1.  Please make sure you are remaining on topic when in our Melinda Related Discussion, CD News, In the News, Appearances and Multimedia. Off topic threads or posts will be moved to the proper area by the moderator. Additionally, we are making every effort to keep these specific areas very relevant and informative to appeal to all fans and visitors so please do your best to refrain from "me too", "thank you" or similar posts in these boards. We want to hear what you think about the conversation. These guidelines do not apply to the "Backups Place" where the conversations can be more spontaneous and silly, and we enthusiastically encourage that.
2. Please check for existing topics before posting a new thread and please do not start a new thread unless you have something of substance to say yourself.

3.  All posts are assumed to be the opinion of the individual who posts it unless otherwise acknowledged by the poster.  Please don’t state your personal opinion as fact.  Your opinions should be expressed in a respectful manner.  If you disagree with another member’s post, do so with respect.  In your opinion they may be wrong, but that is your view.   Please know the difference between a difference in opinion and a personal attack.  Just because you choose to take it personally doesn't mean it's a personal attack.
4. Please refrain from all “boards-on-boards” comments/posts in the following sections: Melinda Related Discussion, CD News, In the News, Appearances and Multimedia. "Boards on boards" discussion means that instead of being about the subject of the thread, the subject of your post is the site, the posters/members, or the trend in the conversation. That type of discussion/chat needs to be limited to the "Backups Place" sections.   Please remember to be respectful and following guidelines in #3 and #5 when engaging in "boards on boards" discussion in "Backups Place".
5. Don’t criticize or reprimand another poster or their opinions (i.e. “I can’t believe you think that” or “I think it's sick that you people are joking about this person being infected with the dreaded lurgi. My mother died of the lurgi, and I think it's disgusting that anyone finds this sort of comment funny.")  This only leads to the thread going completely off topic and/or to a place no one wants to go. Don’t flame another member with an angry or provocative response.  All such posts will be deleted and/or modified, and you will receive a warning from the moderator about your post. If you find yourself getting angry or upset about a post, take a moment to get your feelings under control before firing off a reply.  Sometimes that time out gives you a chance to get a different perspective on the offending post and helps you to make a respectful rather than hurtful response.
6. There is no need to continually repeat the same opinion, especially a negative one since this is a "fan" board.  You have expressed it the first time, and just because others may disagree with it doesn’t mean that you keep repeating it again, especially negative opinions within the same thread.  State it once politely and move on.  Hammering a negative point will lead to posts being deleted or modified.  We must be mindful of the general interest of the board.  Posters that continually take a "devil's advocate" or negative position regarding the general subject matter of this board will be warned and posts deleted or modified.

7.  Humor and irony are great fun, but they are sometimes difficult to carry off or to detect in a post.  If in doubt about making a humorous or ironic comment, run it by a friend before posting.  If in doubt about whether a post is meant to be humorous or ironic, ask the poster in a private message.  One way to discern whether a comment is intended to be humorous or ironic is to see who has posted it – we all know who the jokesters are on this site!
8.  When posting a picture, whenever possible, please resize the photo so that it does not overpower the page. Please try not to exceed 600 pixels in width.

9.  Last but not least, when posting a message, whether it is an opinion or a joke, please be mindful of our Baby Backups.

Guidelines for Photos and Videos:

We are happy to have you post your photos and/or videos of Melinda and her Backups on our site.  We also have an “off topic” area for your other site appropriate photos/videos.  

1.  Please make sure you obtain the permission from the original poster before putting pictures or videos found on this site on other websites.

2.  As is stated in our Membership Agreement:

"We reserve the right in our sole discretion to edit or delete any documents, information or other content appearing on the Web site. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of inappropriate language or content, promotion of outside products or Web sites, or anything that would damage the harmonious nature of our site.”
This means that you may not tag pictures or videos with the names of other Web sites for promotional purposes. Things such as advertisements, hot links to commercial sites, or text with a clearly commercial purpose will not be allowed.

3.  Finally, please do not embed or cut and paste text, pictures or video found on into   We want to know about the content, so please provide a link to and feel free to comment on the content in our forums.

Guidelines for Emoticons

We all love the great array of emoticons – smileys – available to us on this is site and in our own private stores.  Smileys work to take the place of the more subtle (and not so subtle) cues that we have in face to face conversations.  But just like in written text, we need to ensure that smileys are deployed with sensitivity to the reader’s perception of them.

Smileys should be used to add expression or fun to a post.  They should not be used in a way that might offend or disturb a reader.  Smileys showing extreme violence, gory or sexual innuendos will not be permitted.

Guidelines for Signatures

Signatures provide us an opportunity to tell the community a little bit more about ourselves.  Everyone is welcome to customize their signatures, but we would ask that if you do choose to customize your signature that you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Your signature must conform to the Code of Ethics.  This means that you may not include in it material with a commercial purpose. Things such as advertisements, hot links to commercial sites, or text with a clearly commercial purpose may not be included in your signature.

2.  Your signature must be respectful in nature.  It can be humorous or ironic if you wish, but it should not be disrespectful or offensive.
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