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Code of Ethics
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Melinda's Backups™

Our Code of Ethics provides ethical boundaries in conduct and behavior with fellow members and towards Melinda Doolittle, with the goal of providing a harmonious and respectful environment within the community and public at large.

1. Objective

This is a statement of ethical conduct by which the Association expects and encourages its Members to comply in their activities relating to Melinda's Backups™ and with those individuals and entities that deal with the Association.

2. Priority Of Members' Interest

a) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall act in a manner that places the Association's objectives and goals above their own interests.

b) Melinda's Backups™ will not tolerate and shall not accept public remarks and behaviors from members towards other members and/or Melinda Doolittle that are illegal and may also be perceived as disrespectful, demeaning, abusive or dangerously obsessive.
3. Integrity

a) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall know that personal integrity is the foundation of public trust of that Member and the Association as a whole.

b) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall comply with the relevant national and local applicable laws and regulations that apply to: the scope and objectives of the Association, to Internet communication in general, to specific Internet operations relating to Melinda's Backups™, and activities of the Association.

c) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall be honest, trustworthy, conscientious, kind, thorough, and deal fairly with all parties.
d) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall not advocate, sanction, participate, or cause to be accomplished or otherwise carry out through another party, or condone any act that is contrary to the public interest, the interest of the Association or to existing laws.

e) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall not directly or indirectly participate in any publicity-seeking endeavor meant to attract business in a deceptive manner using fraudulent or false methods of promotion, advertising or marketing.

f) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall not use the Association's name and/or image for the pursuit of their financial gain or act on behalf of the Association without permission.

g) All Melinda's Backups™ Members shall not use any part of this Web site or Community Forum to promote their business or any activities not approved by the Leadership Team.

h) All Melinda's Backups™ Members are prohibited from performing activities outside or contrary to this Code in the name of Melinda's Backups™ Association.

i) The Executive Committee of Melinda's Backups™ shall determine a violation of the Code and said violation may be grounds for termination as a member of Melinda's Backups™.
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