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I met Melinda in Portland!!

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I just found my way over here from what I think was the original Melinda Backups forum (melindafan.net)...and I wanted to report my wonderful experience with Melinda yesterday when she was here in Portland.  I have loved her since day one when I saw her on Idol (as I'm sure is true of pretty much everyone here!). So when my partner told me she'd be here in town, I was thrilled!   Then I realized I had to work that night, and was so disappointed.  Obviously, I ended up being able to go, and had a wonderful experience.  When I told Melinda that I'm one of her Backups, she grabbed me and gave me a HUGE, real hug (I even got a picture of the hug!), and said, "I didn't know you were coming!!  Nobody told me you were coming!"  Then she called Kelley over and said, "Kelley!!  It's Jamie!!!  She's a Backup!"  I was so impressed with her and felt genuinely appreciated!!  Melinda is truly one of a kind!  And Melinda, in case you read these messages,  :thanks for being such a sweetheart...and for being an inspiration.

Aww Jamie. Thank you for posting this here :bighug :bighug So glad you had such a good time with Melinda :huzzah

Mu Doo:
Awww...so happy for you!! that's amazing!!!! oh and WElcome!!!!  :bighug :bighug :bighug

I'm glad you had a great time! Melinda is amazing

Thanks for the review

Melinda just genuinely loves her backups!  Thanks for sharing your experience, Jamie.   :huzzah


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