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Hi!  I just found out that Melinda had "Back-Ups" lol.  I wanted to say hello and tell you all a little about myself.  I am a graduating University Senior (December '08!) from Nashville, TN.  I'm getting a B.S. in Nonprofit Management, so this kinda thing is right up my alley and i am so proud of Melinda for starting a nonprofit!!!!!

I heard Melinda sing for the first time at the Nashville Michael W. Smith Christmas concert and she blew me away!!!! 

I just wanted to come and see what was up over here.  I am active on the MWS boards and have made some great friends there and hope the same can happen here.

I'm going on the cruise in July...is anyone else gonna be there?  It would be so cool to get to know you before hand!

Chelsea :)

Welcome Chelsea  :worldhug

You have come to the right place to meet Melinda fans.  I am Alan, from the UK, but as you can see from my avitar met Melinda in Franklin, when she did the concert last November (there is a huge set of threads about the Franklin exploration - it was a main event for us here,  You will find all about it in the here


We have many videos/ mp3s and pictures relating to melinda.  Most are mentioned in the threads, but there is a file based view at


Drop into the Lounge (its a chat room) too


Welcome to the family!  :bye

Welcome Chelsea!!!  :bighug

Glad you found us!

Welcome Chelsea....

I am going on the cruise also.. there are 3 more backups that are going too.....

I am Holly from Ridgeland, Ms --near Jackson.  I was at the MWS christmas concert too... Both concerts.

Welcome to the group... you will love it here


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