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As I was emailing the various radio stations here in Hawaii requesting MFV since its release, it suddenly dawned on me yesterday that one of the things that my husband does in his job is all the advertising for his company.  And his company advertises with several radio stations.  So I got in touch with the person he advertises with and made them aware of MFV and requested MFV to be played yesterday (Valentine's).  Of course I was too late because alot of the shows had already lined up the songs they were playing for Valentine's and some of the programs were pre-recorded.  But I did tell them to please make the DJ's aware of Melinda's first single release and that I would be mailing several copies of the compilation CD that the Backups put together so that they could hear Melinda's other songs.  I stated that Melinda was aware that we had made this compilation CD.  So if any of you have any connections with DJ's, why don't you do the same.  Back in the day where I was a teenager all the artists used to send the DJ's comp copies of their singles and albums.  I don't know if that is done today or not.  But it certainly wouldn't hurt if we could get a Backups compilation CD in any DJ's hands.  This is just a thought I had.  I am pasting the MFV banner on the compilation CD cover so that they will know that MFV is available on itunes.



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Thanks Ann!


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Great thinking Ann....keep er going.....Melinda needs to be a household name.... banana dance Dancing Banana Huzzah! Huzzah!