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The Idols are live!

There's been a whole lotta screaming going on as the Top 10 finalists of Season 6 of ''American Idol'' crisscross the country on the ''American Idols Live'' tour.

Winner Jordin Sparks, runner-up Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, Sanjaya -- you know the names -- are in the middle of a 56-date marathon, arriving today at the Allentown Fair and Friday at Philadelphia's Wachovia Center.

The more than two-hour shows have been described as Las Vegas-style revues, with the singers taking solo spins and also working in various combos in front of a seven-piece backing band.

Last Friday at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum, Sparks plucked out Jewel's ''You Were Meant for Me'' on the acoustic guitar and Lewis used electronic looping set-up to liven up Maroon 5's ''She Will Be Loved.'' Doolittle was stellar on ''A Natural Women.'' Reviews by critics have been mixed -- but it's the fans who buy the tickets, and they're loving it.


Age: 29

Hometown: Brentwood, Tenn.

Sounds like: A stylish soul singer with a gospel, jazzy bent.

Future plans: Considering record deals and working on her debut, which she hopes will be ''funky, bluesy soul.''

Advice: Hold out for the right songs and the right production because big things will come with that big voice.

Yeah, man! Woo Hoo!   :woohoo :woohoo

Woo, woo hoo, too!

''funky, bluesy soul.''

Oh, man, the wait is killing me!!  Just the thought of that genre gives me shivers!!!


--- Quote from: Vickster on September 02, 2007, 03:15:08 am ---Yeah, man! Woo Hoo!   :woohoo :woohoo

--- End quote ---

Oh, those emotica just get cuter and cuter!  Yay, Reetta!

We do have a stellar array of talent here. Isn't it miraculous, how Reetta does her thing from Finland?


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