Author Topic: Organising Projects for Melinda or with the Backups  (Read 3143 times)

Organising Projects for Melinda or with the Backups
« on: December 31, 2007, 12:43:20 pm »
We have added two new subboards  for discussion and planning of our activities. 

In the past, we have requested that all activities and projects be run through the leadership team. After some discussion with  the expanded leadership team, we have all agreed that we wish to allow members  to also spearhead their own personal projects to promote a more inclusive  environment.

All projects that wish to be started by members can be  placed on the Personal Projects board. These projects should not include  our trademarked name and logo. Also these should be projects that do not require  financial contributions from other members and arrangements for delivery of the project to Melinda will not be arranged by the LT.

All projects that wish to include the  trademarked name, the logo and/or financial contributions need to be run through and  approved by the leadership.  LT will also arrange delivery to Melinda of  any official project. These guidelines are necessary to protect all  members and also to avoid financially overtaxing our members.

Please let any leadership team member know if you have any questions about this  process.
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