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Promotion Team Objectives
« on: December 10, 2007, 06:35:19 pm »
The  promotion team has two key objectives.   Firstly our objective 
is, working with Melinda's Management Team, promoting Melinda's career 
in what ever way we can.  Activities will include (but not limited  to)
keeping track of future appearences and trying to let people know of 
them, promoting Melinda's own web site, both using links from ours, but 
also ensuring that major reference sites clearly link to Melinda's, and 
finding what ever ways we can of keeping Melinda's name at the 
forefront of peoples attention (such as voting in polls that include 
her so she wins).

Our second objective (which by definitition will  promote Melinda) is to
promte "Melinda's Backups" as an association and  web site.  Activites
will include (again not limited to) developing  the web site to attract
visitors by providing useful content in the public  areas as well as
just the community forum, ensuring useful reference sites  have links to
us, increasing our membership by finding fans who are not  yet members
and getting them to join, ensuring our name and logo get  publicity
where ever possible in mainstream media, both generally and  during
special events that Melinda's Backups participate in (such as the 
Marathon) and developing and promoting special Melinda's Backups 

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