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Melinda Related Discussions Feel free to talk about anything and everything related to Melinda 556 14905
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Welcome New Members Especially for new members to introduce themselves and ask questions (no question too basic) 7 1905
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Melinda's Posts Archive An Archive of the Posts that Melinda has made in our community (except the football) 121 3008
Appearances and Media Coverage Notable appearances Melinda has made along with interviews she has given 443 4282
Melinda's CD News Information about Melinda's first CD: Coming Back To You 186 1533
Interviews Newspaper, radio and blog interviews with Melinda. 133 988
Melinda Mentions Articles that reference Melinda or blogs that mention Melinda. 393 2428
Performances and Reviews Melinda's tours, concerts and reviews. 214 3260
Dreyers Ice Cream Tour All media concerning Dreyers 10 week tour. 65 811
AI Experience at Disney The opening of the American Idol Experience show at Disney World. 34 180
AI6 Concert Reviews 11 103
Melinda's Charities 5 47
Malaria No More (General) All activities related to Malaria No More 25 320
Music Scholarship The Melinda Doolittle Music Scholarship at Belmont University 62 1568
VIP list Information about celebrities who might contribute 18 29
Realizing Dreams of Music 0 3824
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Promoting Melinda Promotion of Melinda and Melinda's Backups 45 649
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Ideas and Personal Projects A place to discuss project ideas and to conduct personal projects 29 778
Multimedia Any picture, video or audio not associated with an active event elsewhere in the forums 82 375
Archived Media by Date & Event Video, audio, pictures and major news articles featuring Melinda. 1 1
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2008 - Temporary Staging Area Using this board until I get a complete list of all the topics. 28 28
Melinda's AI performances Embedded Videos from each one of Melinda's AI performances. Note:You may reply to a post, but not start new topics on this board 25 116
Pictures All kinds of pics of Melinda 213 2529
Video & Audio Television and radio interviews, video performances, Internet goodies and more... 220 1905
Christmas at Belmont 2007 The main Christmas at Belmont program, and smaller videos featuring Melinda from segments of it 7 9
Reno Benefit - 2008 Multimedia from the Reno Benefit Concert, May 10th 2008, for Addi and Cassi Hempel ( 7 10
Melinda's Friends Performances by Melinda's friends. 8 92
Melinda's and Our YouTube Channels This board holds in-line video from both DooliitleTV and MelindasBackups YouTube Channel, automatically kept up to date 7 102
Backups' Tributes and Art Videos, montages, still images, poems, and other tributes to Melinda created (and owned) by you. 30 428
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