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Welcome to Melinda’s Backups!  This site is a friendly and safe place for people of all ages to gather and share their support for Melinda.  It is friendly and safe, in part, because the site operates by a set of rules that every member is asked to read and understand.  By clicking on the “I agree” checkbox, below, you are affirming that you have read the Membership Agreement and agree to comply with its Terms and Conditions.

For the most part, these rules reflect nothing more than common sense and courtesy.  Sort of like, if Melinda Doolittle asked you into her home, would you not be on your best behavior?  Of course you would!  That is basically what we ask you to do when posting comments on this site.  Melinda has been known to browse the site from time to time.  When you post, stop to think whether you would want Melinda to read what you have written.

For the convenience of everyone, we have written these rules down and placed them in the Membership Agreement.  That way, everyone will know what is expected of them.  Take a moment now to click here (opens in a new window) and read the Membership Agreement.  If you do not agree to comply with these rules, you cannot become a member of the site.